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We know that during the game, Harrier Reapers compete with one another to erase Players, and the Players have to complete a mission each day in the allotted time. These missions are assigned by the week's Game Master, who serves as a proxy of sorts for the Conductor, who in turn serves as a proxy or second-in-command for the Composer.

I've been replaying TWEWY, and I'm only on week one, but that first week is the closest to a typical Reaper's Game. Kitaniji begins setting up for his mass brainwashing in week three, but that seems to be the main difference.

I wonder if, during a normal Reaper's Game, the missions are designed for the benefit of Shibuya. The missions issued are simple and pertain to the UG, but by completing them, the Players help or improve Shibuya in a way that only the Players can. This could be anything from large-scale to helping a few people patch up a friendship.

There is no indication of this in the way missions are worded. Erase all the Noise in Spain Hill, for example, or defeat the master of A-East. Yet in order to complete these missions, the Players become involved in the daily lives of the people in Shibuya. For example, in order to clear Spain Hill of Noise, Shiki and Neku had to help patch up the aforementioned friendshi, and in order to find the master at the A-East concert space to defeat it, the Players' actions ensured that the upcoming concert would proceed without a hitch. Most of these missions have the Players fix problems within Shibuya, whether or not the Players are aware of this.

I get the feeling that the Games help Shibuya function smoothly. Maybe the Games utilizes the Players to sort of mediate in Shibuya or something.

We also know that the current Composer (Josh) holds Shibuya in low esteem, seeing it as too lost in the chaotic clash of thousands of values (a belief which is not eased in the slightest by the fact that Josh is a misanthrope.

So that's just a theory. What do other people think about the purpose of the missions?

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hristferrinas: (Josh)
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I think that the missions serve a two-fold purpose. They get the players to erase noise (basically human negativity given form)and at the same time refine the players imagination, or soul. The stronger imagination than spreads to and inspires others, improving Shibuya all-around.

I would say that generally, missions are probably designed with the health of Shibuya in mind, the game master spotting trouble areas of growing negativity and sending in players to relieve it.


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